Resident Evil is a huge game franchise (it also happens to be one of my favorites too). The first game in the series created the genre "Survival Horror." Although the genre has fallen pretty much into the FPS territory, there was a time where these games scared the heck out of us! Resident Evil blew our minds like no other game, and still is fun to play....even with it's clunky controls. Then Resident Evil 2 showed up.....

What: Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game that you play as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. You stumbled into Raccoon City that is full of flesh eating zombies! You must survive the horrors and the terrors that lie in the street and buildings of Raccoon City and escape with your life.

Why: Resident Evil was a fun game, but Resident Evil 2 just knocked it out of the park, with detailed environments, improved control, and just the thought of being trapped in a city crawling with pretty much anything that can kill you. Some really good key points besides the typical though...

The storyline! The storyline of this game continued on from the first game perfectly. Like the second Terminator film, it was completely faithful to the first without leaving any stone UN-turned. It was one of those story lines that kept you in the game, without distracting to much to where you forgot what the main mission was. You found out so much detail to what happened to the city, and why these zombies were crawling. The story felt complete.

2 disc=2 stories! Like I said, you either play as Leon or Claire. You play the same story pretty much, but from each one of their perspectives. So instead of playing the same game over and over again, you got 2 different types of that game. Well worth the value!

Freakin' MR.X! This guy was terrifying! I mean seriously could be walking through a nice calm hallway, looking for stuff, oh ammo box! I guess I will just pick this up and........BOOM! HOLY CRAP! Mr. X just BLASTS through the wall and wants you dead! You can either run away or take him on! Mr. X was terrifyingly awesome!

You can grab this one on Playstation Network, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and of course Playstation 1.

Sure there have been like 4000 different Resident Evil games since, and many consider Resident Evil 4 the BEST in the series. Sure, Resident Evil 4 is amazing as far as shooters go. But Resident Evil 1,2,3, and Code Veronica were the last of this type of Resident Evil....making them "Must Play Games."