We all remember the arcade classic that you can go to Georgio's on Ionia right now and play. I think it is still there at least, it was at one point. Ride a bike and deliver the newspaper to the best of your ability while avoiding everything that comes in your way. I really didn't play to much of the arcade game, but the second one got me hooked.

What: Paperboy 2! The sequel to the popular arcade game, Paperboy. You have your choice of either a girl or boy Paper person. Ride your trusty bike down the craziest neighborhood of all time and deliver the daily news! Watch out! Avoid sewer monsters, ghost, zombies, cars, and more! Also, use your paper as a weapon and throw them at robbers, stop runaway babies, and halt the stray dogs.

Why: I rented this game at Family Video on Leonard St on a whim, like I did with most games and just loved it. There is nothing really complex to this game, just try your best to deliver the newspaper to all of your subscribers. It is quite the challenging game, as I have never beaten the game before. However, I don't really thing there is a way you can beat this game. One of my favorite things to do was hit the runaway baby carriage with a paper. It took precise timing and skill to get that thing to stop, but when you get it just right, PERFECT!

Paperboy 2 is one of those games you can just pick up and play, and pretty much anyone can play it.

This game was available on everything in that generation! SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, NES, PC, etc.