If you haven't figured it out yet, I am quite the fan of the Mega Man Series. Each one of them is awesome (the older ones that is). Like Mega Man X, the "X" series just seemed to be getting better and better. Super Nintendo was a platform that required perfection in it's games, which you don't see in games today. For another standard in platforming, look no further than Mega Man X2.

What: Mega Man X2 (Sequel to the popular Mega Man X) released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Sigma has returned, but this time with more robot masters! With a hint of more difficulty, known as the X-Hunters. Zero's parts have been stolen! You need them back to destroy that harmful master known as Sigma! Can X save us again? (This is how pretty much any 90's cartoon began).

Why: Why not? This is the sequel to a game that blew me away as a kid. They say that, "Part 2, is never as good as Part 1." In the Mega Man X series, this is not the case. I recently picked this one up again, and played the hell out of it, and had a blast every minute I played. Like many games I played in my youth, this one seemed to still hold it's difficulty. No matter how many times I play it, I still have to refer to an issue of Nintendo Power to find everything. The music is amazing, the gameplay is solid, and the story line (even for a 16-bit platformer) is compelling. If you miss one Zero part, you feel bad! You really do! Plus if you don't get them, the end boss is basically impossible.

The Mega Man X series showcased the power of the SNES, and is a game series that you need to play. The first through third especially, those were the best ones. We'll get the third one sometime.