Honestly, Mega Man games are easily some of the best games out there. Platforming goodness at its finest. The NES games were fun, challenging, and just kinda cool. They still leave a staple today and how platforming games should  be done. The originals are good and all, but Mega Man X for SNES....OOOOOOOH MAAAAANNN!!!!

Holy s___! MEGA MAN FREAKIN' X! This game is amazing....play it....NOW!

What: You play as Mega Man X! A crazy awesome robot dude who can shoot stuff and blow things up and kick some major butt. You are tasked with taking down the evil boss Sigma who created robots to basically take over the world! And yea....you gotta stop him and stuff.

Why: First thing...the music in this game is amazing. Just look up on YouTube...Storm Eagle Guitar cover and prepare to be amazed. This game  basically is platforming genius in a game! Climb up walls, easy jumping mechanics, and it's challenging! The story line even though short in dialogue, engulfs you into the story. I don't give a crap who you are, you like this game....I know you do. AHHH! MEGA MAN X!!! Woooo.....still will always be a favorite in my game library.

This next video is EXACTLY what I am saying....