In video games, if it moves, shoot it! Back in the 90's, it was all about light gun games. Plastic guns that you shoot at the TV. Games like Duck Hunt, House of the Dead, Time Crisis, all ruled the arcade. There was on game though that got a console port, and it is till insanely fun!

What: In Lethal Enforcers, you play as a cop that is out to take out crime in the city. Head to the scene and take out all of the criminals and defeat the boss!

Why: It's pretty easy to point out this game in an arcade, just look for the Pink and Blue revolver guns. You seriously can shoot everything in site in this game. Before there were polygons to make a 3D game like House of the Dead. Lethal Enforcers was a 2-D game that used real actors to be the enemies and innocents in the game, very much like the original Mortal Kombat. There isn't really any kind of story line to the game, just pistol shooting fun!

One of my favorite parts of the game is when you hit the road, and you are on a high speed shoot out! You can find hidden shooting spots on the car like the gas tank, tires, and front end. They don't really do anything, but it's just fun to find these little things.

One thing though, you really kill A LOT of criminals. Like over 500! It's pretty much war out there in this game! Also, a back in the 90's, this was an insanely violent game, plus the plastic gun you used to play the game look like a real gun (just colorful). Today, it's just another game.