If you are a gamer, and you do not know of the legend that is Final Fantasy VII...you may have been living under a rock!

Considered by many as the best in a long running series of Final Fantasy games, this gem released on Playstation in 1997. At the time, this was the longest and most elaborate games. Not only is it a game, but it is also a franchise. Action figures, T-shirts, movies, soundtracks, Manga...you name it...Final Fantasy VII has it.

What: You play as EX-SOLDIER Cloud Strife, batteling against the Shinra company with your rebel team AVALANCHE. Shinra is destroying the planet! During this though, you need to find out who Cloud really is while eventually working to stop Sephiroth.

Why: This is a HUGE game! I mean.......it will take at least a week to complete EVERYTHING in the game, with small breaks. The story is absolutely amazing, the music is considered the best in the series, and many manly gamers have admitted to crying when a certain character passes away in the game.

Even Steven Spielberg stated, "Video games will be considered an art form, when someone admits they cry at level 7."

He never played Final Fantasy VII.