When the Nintendo 64 showed up on the scene, we got some great 3D platforming games. Super Mario 64, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64, etc. We also got a TON of racing games! That little analog stick on the controller worked great for racers, especially the futuristic racer, F-Zero X.

What: F-Zero X is the sequel to the launch title F-Zero on SNES. In the SNES version, you had a choice of 4 drivers...this time, you had a choice of over 20 racers! It's a race to the finish, destroy your rivals and competition, and win the cup!

Why: F-Zero X is unlike any racer I have ever played too date. You don't race cars, you race futuristic vehicles that have freakin' jets on the back to bump you up to speeds over 500 mph! Think you are just going on a straight line? You'll be driving on cylinders, jumping off ramps, all while trying to knock your opponents off the track to win the race! Just the intensity of each race and the speed you are going at is a very intoxicating formula that will keep you coming back for more. You can't go wrong with Captain Falcon by the way, he is always ready to 'show your moves.'

They did make a sequel to F-Zero X for Nintendo Gamecube, but I never played it. Sadly, we haven't heard much from the F-Zero squad as it was created by Nintendo! The same company the made Zelda, Mario, Samus, etc! So that's two franchises we haven't seen from in awhile! (Other being Star Fox).