The game that pretty much started it all! First person shooters today are the big gaming genre. Everyone is playing first person shooters! Online play, noob killers, blah blah blah....but don't forget your roots! It all has to start somewhere. Before you were killing other people in other countries, you were killing demons from HELL! In DOOM!

What: Doom is a first person shooter (one of the first along with Wolfenstein) where you play as a space marine killing demons from HELL! Hell skulls, infested humans, etc. They only have one mission in mind....KILLING YOU!

Why: This game was met with so much controversy when it came out. Bloody and gory goodness. You could use chainsaws, shotguns, and even the BFG...aka The Big F***ing Gun. (Not Bio Force Gun...stupid movie). The game was one of those, "Where the heck do I go" type of games. But we love it, and still love it to this day. I downloaded both onto my Xbox 360 and every once in awhile, you will see me rockin' this game. Doom...the grandaddy of first person shooters. RESPECT!