Games today are way to easy...there always seems to be a way to do something easier. From a strategy guide to some dude showing you "How to..." on a YouTube video. Well I have a game for you that will make you throw your controller at your friends face because of the difficulty....and that is Comix Zone for Genesis.

What: You play as Sketch Turner. A typical comic book dude that draws some awesome comics. Then with a lighting strike, Sketch's comic villain jumps out of the comic and takes Sketch into the comic! He must battle his way out of the comic!

Why: This game is pure Sega Genesis, even with the music alone. The control is good, but it is a button masher. You will find yourself hitting that B Button until your finger falls off. Although a fun game, this game can be INFURIATING! You pretty much have to beat this game with 1 LIFE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!??? Were the game developers like, "If your a hardcore mother, you only need one." Kiss my a__ game developers! Even though the game is difficult, it's a challenge, but still fun either way.

Check it out...