So I may be dating myself here pretty hardcore, cause I wasn't even born when this game graced the Atari 2600. The cool thing about Atari games, is that you can get some amazing drinking games out of them. Since it is all about scoring the highest score. One of the best drinking games could come from CIRCUS ATARI!

What: Circus Atari is this really addicting game on Atari 2600 where you use a Paddle Controller (a spinny thingy that is reminiscent of PONG). You basically bounce your little square dude into the squares above (which are technically balloons). Get the high score and win!

Why: Like I said, get the highest score, and be the biggest drunk. You can make a wicked drinking game out of this. All the drinking aside though, this is actually a fun little game. Simple and fun! No matter what age you are, you can get into this game. Simple, easy, FUN! Plus when you drop your square dude, his head get's smashed in while his arms and legs flail around......brutal.