This weeks Games to Try Before you Die is dedicated to the best Batman game ever released! I know, Batman Arkham Asylum was amazing, but if you rock it old skool, this one is bad ass.

What: Generally based on the first Batman movie (Tim Burton style), you play as the Batman, taking out the Jokers henchmen and ultimately reaching the Joker himself to save Gotham city! Normally, movie games suck major d**k, but this game is awesome.

Why: It has great platforming, the music is kick ass, and it flows really well. Plus you can pick up power ups and use a random array of different weapons. It's classic platforming, but with Batman. Also, if you beat the Joker, you deserve a trophy, cause man.......that guy sucks.

Michael Keaton was a bad ass Batman.....just sayin' gruffy voice included.