If there is a series that needs a good reboot, let me say that again. A GOOD REBOOT, it is Actraiser.

What: In Actraiser, you play as GOD! Yes, you play as GOD!!!! You smite the world of evil creatures and rebuild towns using your cupid companion. After clearing the land in side scrolling action of monster, you protect the people as they build towns! After the town is built, you go back down and KICK MORE ASS!

Why: It's overall a fun game. The side scrolling levels are sweet and the town building is easy to do and keeps you really busy. Plus the music is bad ass! If you were doing some sort of LARPING (which I don't suggest cause you most likely are not getting laid), this is the music to hit people with plastic swords.

Well, if your getting laid, this music is appropriate while "getting down" too. Just don't expect to get a call back...