The highly anticipated game L.A. Noire hits shelves this week at all your local gaming retailers. Like I mentioned quite a few post ago, this game I feel as though is going to be recognized or at least nominated for "Game of the year."

L.A. Noire is published by Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto) and developed by Team Bondi. You play as Cole Phelps in 1947 Hollywood as a new police officer in the LAPD. Your job? Be a cop. Start off as a street officer and progressively work up the police ladder to Vice Cop.

Why is this game rockin'? A new technology named "Motion Scan." This technology scans EVERYTHING about the human body. Facial expressions, eye movement, non verbals, face twitches, etc, and transfers into the game. You must interrogate people and determine lies from truth.

This game is going to be very exciting, and I will have a FULL review of L.A. NOIRE this week! Stay tuned at for the review!