This comes to no surprise really, but it seems as if the television station G4 will be 'switching formats' in the very near future. If you watch modern day MTV, you would see that it is plagued with HORRIBLE reality shows. G4 went that way too...

NBCU, the station's owners, are reportedly looking at turning it into a TV version of GQ, ditching the nerd focus in favour of something more "modern male" -Kotaku-

G4 was originally named Tech TV. A station dedicated to the latest and greatest in video gaming and technology. It was pretty cool and nice to come home to after school. Tech TV is where I first heard of the original XBOX! The coverage they had on Comic-Con and E3 Gaming Expo was always pretty cool to watch. Especially in a TV landscape that is plagued with politics, it's cool to see a 'News Broadcast' that was full of info that didn't focus on the world's current affairs, but how cool the next Resident Evil would be.

Shows like Code Monkey's, Ninja Warrior (Japanese one...not the boring American one), X-Play, Icons, etc....were really interesting and cool to watch. It was a time that I actually wanted to watch television and not watch a YouTube review from some wierdo with an iPhone camera. G4 however, in it's later years suffered badly with a plague of 24 hour 'COPS Marathons' and other shows like Campus PD and such. The channel focused more on reality TV than what it was originally about. Thus, it suffered and lost my viewership. G4 went the way a similar station did with music...MTV.

It's a bummer to see it go, but at the same time, it just wasn't what it used to be.