When the television network G4 kicked the bucket for Esquire Television, we lost our only video game focused television channel.

Kind of.

G4, in it's final couple years, really did start to suck with a bunch of shows that no one really cared about. However, there was one show that told the history of video games, computers, etc. A show titled "G4 Icons."

It was a really cool show that really went in depth with it's topic.

A couple of my favorites were when they talked about the video game crash, Zelda franchise and Atari. These are just three of the well over 30 episodes that this series had.

I'm always fascinated by the history of tech and video games. So, this show fit the bill perfectly for me.

When G4 died out, so did this show.

So, I awaited for the show to head to DVD.

Instead, you can find this awesome show in it's entirety on YouTube!

Check out every episode below!