I'm no stranger to weird nights drinking at various Grand Rapids establishments and I hear a ton of messed up crap! This is one of those tales. It's another edition of From the Bar Stool. I think people seem to think of the 60's and 70's as the time of free love, hippies, drugs and sex. But according to a recent study, chicks today, are bigger s____ than they were back then! I can’t remember where I read it but the topic came up at the bar last weekend and we were all blasted wasted hammered, so I was telling these drunk chicks about it to the best of my memory. Figured I throw it out to you as well!

From what I remember, survey said young women are three times as s____ today, than they were back in the 60's and 70's. They say today, women have an average of 6 different sex partners by the time they are 24 (which if you ask me sounds really low) but back during the height of the feminist movement in the 70's, young women only had an average of 3.5 different sex partners by the time they were 24.

And that’s not a bad thing,that chicks are bigger sluts today than they were in the 1970's, it just means that chicks are more fun today than they were in the 1970's! Hell yea! And who doesn't like a fun chick? Everyone loves a fun chick!

And if you’re a chick, and you want everyone to love you, get with the program and start sleeping with more dudes, this ain’t the 1970’s girlfriend! Hahhahaha!