Spike TV, the guy network, has a new show on the air titled "Coaching Bad."

The show focuses on nine coaches who have anger issues and take it out on the kids on their teams.

They have an anger management specialist on hand to help these coaches change their angry ways and, hopefully, reverse any damage that they have already inflicted on their young players.

Sounds all well and good, right? Sure!

Well, there is an added wrinkle. The show's creators chose a professional athlete to be the host of "Coaching Bad."

So, you would assume they would pick someone with a squeaky-clean record who has a history of being a good person.

But they didn't. They picked Ray Lewis, who partners on the show with psychotherapist Christian Conte.

Sure, Lewis played 17 years with the NFL's Baltimore Ravens, was named to 13 Pro Bowls and was NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2000 and 2003. Sure, he won two Super Bowls with the Ravens and was named MVP in Super Bowl XXXV -- a 34-7 Ravens win over the New York Giants. Sure, he is an NFL broadcaster with ESPN.

However, he's also the same Ray Lewis who was acquitted of murder after the two stabbing deaths outside an Atlanta nightclub in 2000.


The eight one-hour episode series premieres at 10 p.m. EST Sunday on Spike.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings