The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show did their third live-on-location broadcast in Grand Rapids, this time at RightWay Auto in Wyoming today (November 9). GRD listeners braved the cold as they waited outside before doors opened at 5am. Look through our photo gallery from this morning's Free Beer & Hot Wings Live Show.

The audience in RightWay Auto needed a little time to warm up and get the energy going, but once they did there was no turning back. The crowd participation was outstanding during "Women's Panel," "Name That Blank" and more segments during the show. We even learned one audience member's definition of being "single-ish" during the "Women's Panel" - while her male friend was in the crowd trying to break out of the dreaded "friend zone."

Kalamazoo Vapor Shop, who were one of our great sponsors for the Live Show, helped Producer Joe out with a "Joe Stunt" using one of their e-cigs. E-cigs are an alternative to cigarettes and are usually filled with pleasant tasting e-juice. However, Producer Joe and Wayland bassist Dean Pizzazz agreed to "smoke" a couple of e-cigs that intentionally weren't so tasty. Pizzazz had to make a stop by a nearby garbage can to collect himself.

GRD wants to thank RightWay Auto for letting us literally take over their establishment, Kalamazoo Vapor Shop, Time Out GR for providing the food, Coors Light and Blue Moon, and Thin Blue Line of Michigan. We especially want to thank everyone who came out and spent their morning with us at the Free Beer & Hot Wings Live Show!

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