On Tuesday afternoon, "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" Facebook page started blowing up with people all posting links to an article they saw on the satire news site, The Onion.

Everyone was asking: "Is the guy on the right Producer Joe?"

Well, yes. That is definitely our own Joe!

A while back, Joe was having some drinks with friends, one of whom is the editor at a publication Joe works for.

A friend of hers works for The Onion and needed some photos for an upcoming article.

This really confused Eric Zane when we talked about it this morning. He appears to be the only one on earth that didn't know that The Onion was satire, and kept asking in-depth questions about the article this morning.

We tried to explain that the article doesn't matter. No one reads them. Everyone just goes to The Onion for the ridiculous headlines.

In case you have a desire to actually read the article, click here!