Last week, we here at "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" posted a video, referring to it as "road rage instant karma."

A guy was super pissed that a woman was driving slow in the left hand lane. He tailgated her for a while, before passing her in the right lane and flipping her off along the way.

He received some instant karma when he lost control of his truck, slid across a few lanes of traffic and crashed on the other side of the road.

Both drivers received criticism for the incident: the road rage driver for being road-ragey; and the driver in front for recording while driving and laughing after the dude crashed.

Well, there's an update to the story!

The road rage driver has been arrested. Florida police watched the video and were able to get the guy's license plate number. He has since been arrested for reckless driving, leaving the scene and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Should he have been arrested?