Courthouse News Service is reporting that a former WWE producer is suing WWE and The Big Show (Paul Wight, Jr.) claiming that the gigantic WWE Superstar choked him and hit him in the face during a backstage interview segment for WWE's website.

Facebook - The Big Show

Andrew Green sued Paul Wight and World Wrestling Entertainment in Maricopa County Court.  The incident stems from a WWE event on January 27th at US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Big Show is billed at 7 feet tall and 441 pounds.

Green claims that WWE "encouraged its wrestlers, including Big Show, to act in a violent and threatening manner both inside and outside of the wrestling ring relative to their appearances and participation in staged wrestling events as a means of entertainment."

Though completely different, this story has me thinking about the 1984 incident in which 20/20 reporter John Stossel got bitch slapped by "Dr. D" David Schultz for asking if wrestling was "fake."  Stossel won a settlement of $400,000 and Schultz lost his job.