Stuff just got real for the Biebs, people much bigger then him have a problem with him. Not just people bigger then him, but people who were paid to hit others hard. Former NFL players Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson.

Come to find out that the Biebs and former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson are neighbors, and Keyshawn has an issue with Bieber’s driving like an idiot in his Ferrari at race car speeds through their gated community. On Sunday night, according to TMZ, Johnson called the cops on Biebs and also attempted to confront him after he sped past Johnson while he was driving his kid home.

The confrontation didn’t take place, however, because when Johnson pulled into Bieber’s driveway, Bieber went inside and refused to come out. Probably because Bieber is a total chump, wuss and less then a man. But it does not end there, Former NFL rushing yards leader in a season Eric Dickerson also has something to say, but he took to Twitter...

Yes, others hate Bieber as much as me. Yes HATE is a strong word and I used it.