I am always seeing websites creating galleries of Twitter images from Playboy Playmates.  Needless to say, the galleries are usually top notch!  But what other pictures are posted by these playmates that we don't get to see?  Their are probably some gems that never make it into these "TwitPic Theaters".  Well, now you can follow the these lovely ladies yourself in all of their photogenic glory!

Below you will find a list of Playmates and their Twitter handles.  The tweets are often unintelligible, but that is easily forgiven when they post a picture. Enjoy, and you're welcome!

Nicole Narain - @Nicole_Narain
Stephanie Glasson - @Steph_Glasson
Amber Campisi - @ambercampisi
Shannon James - @shannon_james
Brittany Binger - @BrittanyBinger
Jayde Nicole - @Jayde_Nicole
Juliette Frette - @JulietteFrette
Kayla Colins - @kaylacollins
Jessica Burciaga - @JessicaBurciaga
Hope Dwoarczyk - @hopedworacyzk
Crystal Mccahill - @CrystalMcCahill
Candice Cassidy - @candicecassidy
Summer Altice - @SummerAltice
Francesca Frigo - @FrancescaFrigo
Jaime Edmondson - @jaimeedmondson
Amy Leigh Andrews - @Amyleighandrews
Jessa Hinton - @JessaHinton
Christal Fuentes - @christalfuentes
Sheridyn Fisher - @sheridynfisher
Irina Voronina - @IrinaVoronina
Sydney Barlette - @SydneyBarlette
Dalene Kurtis - @DaleneKurtis
Tiffany Selby - @TiffanySelby
Amanda Cerny - @AmandaCerny
Shanna McLaughlin - @ShannaMcLaughln
Anna Sophia Berglund - @AnnaSophiaB