You are about to stand on your feet for about the next 10 hours of the day rocking out to awesome bands. Eating at Rock on the Range can get quite expensive for a small amount of food. One of my traditions for the festival is to eat at Waffle House, this time though, it didn't turn out the best for us.

One thing we kind of forgot about is that there is most likely over 50,000 tourist in the area, and they are all hungry. I had never been to a SOLD OUT Rock on the Range, so every restaurant around the area was just full of people. In previous years, we got into it pretty quickly. This time around, the place was just full of rockers!

The food came out pretty slowly, and Johnnie got his food WAY later than the wife and I. Understandably though, the place was packed and I was watching all of the staff going crazy trying to get food out there to the people.

Johnnies crazy looking breakfast of Grits and Eggs

In the end, you still can't beat a Waffle House breakfast. The flippin' All American Platter is delicious, and of course, you need to get a waffle. I have had plenty of waffles before, but Waffle House waffles are just awesome. I could eat a massive stack of these things, and that coffee is just delicious.

This blog post may look like a advertisement, but it's not. Just sharing with you a tradition that I have at every Rock on the Range that I attend!