What if Steve Buscemi played BDSM-loving millionaire Christian Grey in the upcoming "50 Shades of Grey" movie?

Thanks to this spoof from Boo Ya Pictures, now we know.

The buzz about the book turned movie is pretty inescapable. "50 Shades" posts are taking over Facebook and Twitter, there's even a petition here in West Michigan to stop the film from being shown, and of course, the parodies.

Which, if you can only watch one, let it be this mock trailer, "50 Shades of Buscemi."

The spoof starts off like the original trailer below: A frumpy-looking Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) nervously enters a fancy office while a slowed down, sultry “Crazy in Love” plays on.

Who is the mysterious man she is meeting?

Steve Buscemi. All of the Steve Buscemis: "Boardwalk Empire" Buscemi, "Fargo" Buscemi, "Billy Madison" Buscemi, "Reservoir Dogs" Buscemi.

Even "Crazy Eyes" Buscemi from "Mr. Deeds" makes an appearance.

My favorite might be the following exchange, between Steele and "Reservoir Dogs", Mr. Pink, Buscemi:

"Do you have any interests outside of work?"

"When I order coffee I want it filled six times. And you?"

The real "Fifty Shades of Grey", minus Steve Buscemi, opens this Friday.