Kenowa Hills High school Principal  angry reaction to a Senior Prank may have backfired on her.   It all started when a group of 64-seniors decided that rather than perform destructive pranks, they would stage a bike parade to school on their last day. They even arranged for a police escort, and the Mayor to be on hand.  They were greeted by an unhappy Principal Katie Pennington who suspended them on the spot and sent them home, threatening to bar some from graduation ceremonies.

Most parents of the pranksters were furious and thought she overreacted.  The President of the School Board, who’s son was among the bike riders, also thought she overreacted.  Watch as the guys discuss the episode and of course ONE member of the show thinks if this Principal is single - then NO ONE should date her.  Bet you can't guess who said that?

The school board decided to suspend all punishments & and there will be no one barred from graduation.  Principal Pennington did not attend the meeting.