Today on the show, we revealed the four #1 seeds for our “Mad Marchness” Word Scramble Tournament!  The selection committee will reconvene over the weekend to fill out the brackets and the full bracket will be revealed on Monday morning’s show.  First round voting will go for about 3 days until we have it narrowed down to 16, 8, 4, 2 and eventually crown the 2012 Word Scramble Champion.

In case you missed the announcement, here are the #1 seeds.

The #1 seed representing the Atantic Division

The #1 seed representing the Paficic Division

The #1 seed representing the Nouth Division

The #1 seed representing the Sorth Division

I actually feel a bit bad for Free Beer.  He seemed pretty defeated when we played these four this morning, but seemed to feel even worse when we played about 20 other examples of word scrambles that weren’t good enough to make the tournament, yet were still hilarious.  That means there are at least 60 other times when he screwed up his speech that were FUNNIER than the rejected clips!  Poor fella.

Again, voting starts during Monday morning’s show so be prepared to vote early and vote often.