Building forts is a staple of childhood.

All one family wanted to do was build a cardboard box fort for their children and their friends to play in.

While they did that, it was all ruined because of a pissy neighbor.

The family in Ogden, Utah, built a pretty impressive cardboard box fort in the neighborhood.

However, a neighbor thought that it was an eyesore and filed a complaint with Ogden city officials, Salt Lake City's KSTU-TV Fox 13 reported.

The family received notice stating the fort was in violation of a city code prohibiting waste materials from being on the premises.

While they have not been cited or fined by the city, the family has been informed the fort needs to be taken down.

Others in the neighborhood are fighting back, saying no one ever planned for the fort to be permanent.

The plan is to leave the fort up for two weeks and do the necessary repairs until then. After the fort gets destroyed by the kids and the weather, it is going to be taken down.

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