I admittedly hate haunted house, and the thought of walking through a haunted corn maze is even worse, but this story still makes me laugh.

In Denver, Massachusetts a family (mom, dad and two kids) decided to visit good ole' Conner's Farm and check out the annual corn maze. After entering the corn maze the family got very turned around and dad in a full panic decided to call 911! The cops arrived shortly after the call and found the family minutes after entering the corn maze! This thing wasn't even a haunted one! Owner of the corn maze, Bob Conners was quoted as saying-

"There is no wire or fence around the maze, so if they really want or need to get out all they have to do is listen for the sound of traffic they can always make their way through the corn rows to the road."

Now I have gotten lost MANY times when out for a long run. Hell I got lost just last week running over in Standale, but NEVER has it crossed my mind to call 911.