Evanescence are set to record their oft-delayed new album next week.  According to vocalist Amy Lee, the group will enter the studio April 11.

Kerrang! reports that Nick Rasculinecz will produce the record, whose resume includes Foo Fighters, Stone Sour and more.

"We can't wait to show everyone what we've been working on," says Lee. "We've been finding ourselves, reinventing our sound, experimenting with things we've never done before and at the same time embracing the things we love most about Evanescence. This journey has made us the strongest we've ever been as a band, and I am in love with the music. Nick Rasculinecz is the perfect fit for this record and we are all very excited to get into the studio together."

Drummer Will Hunt said late last year that Amy Lee was taking big risks with the new album.  Hunt reassured fans that it will still sound like an Evanescence record.

Are you excited that Evanescence are finally working on new material?  We Are The Fallen (aka Evanescence 2.0) haven't exactly made a huge impact so far.  Let us know what you think below.

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