You cannot lop off a guy’s penis without his permission! Chick I was drinking with told me about something nasty that happened to her brother. And if any of you guys are planning on having the foreskin cut off your penis anytime soon, a circumcision they call it, be careful something like this doesn't happen to you! (if you enjoy having your penis that is.)

A Louisville Kentucky doctor is facing a lawsuit and is accused of wrongfully amputation a guys penis during what was suppose to be a routine circumcision. This doctor guy, a urologist, says he removed the guys penis because during the circumcision operation he discovered a small cancerous growth on it and thought the best thing to do was to lop off the entire penis to keep it from spreading. The lawsuit this chicks brother filed says the doctor was not given permission to lop off the guys penis, and deprived him the opportunity of getting a 2nd opinion.

I'm pretty sure that guys going win that law suit! Man, how sucky would it be to wake up from an operation and look down and find out someone had cut off your penis! Ouch! I'll bet that guy gets $20 million bucks......But that is the question isn’t it? Would you let a doctor remover your penis in exchange for $20 million? I would. No chicks ever come near my junk anyway.