Meet Eden, an Italian SuicideGirl who likes cage fighting and men with sideburns, but says she’s not just not that into you.

Name: Eden

Age: 23

Location: Italy

Into: MMA, dogs, tattooes, traveling, fixies, London, indie rock, submission grappling, choppers, philosophy, animals, shopping, skinheads, piercings, shoes, barfights, medical fetish, latex clothing, men with sideburns, being fabulous

Not into: You

Makes me happy: Blood, traveling, my lovely dog Panna and dogs in general, wearing my boxing gloves , fixie riding, getting tattooed, fight harder, pierce flesh, being with my best friends, sushi, shopping, driving fast while listening to my iPod, freak shows

Makes me sad: Animal abuse, people who pretend to tell me who I am and what’s good for me, ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends’ new girls, lack of chocolate

Hobbies: cage fighting, naked modeling, getting tattooed

Things I can’t live without: dogs, Coca-cola, dark nail polish, proteins

I spend most of my free time: Fighting in the cage, with my dog, piercing, singing loudly, on the internet

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