Are you worried that your sexy time is unnecessarily increasing your carbon footprint? Well, fear no more, eco warrior, there's a company out there that wants to ease your conscience while you ease into your partner.

Let me introduce to you the first Fair Trade-certified, organically sourced, vegan, nontoxic, non-animal-tested and GMO-free condom. Yes, you read that correctly.

The condoms were created by a guy named Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder of Seventh Generation (who makes all sorts of eco friendly stuff), and his 26-year-old daughter, Meika (that's some weird father-daughter bonding time).

Although the idea seems a little weird, and like it's mostly meant for the same people who only eat quinoa (and even then, it has to be pesticide free), Hollender has good intentions. He told Vermont newspaper Seven Days,

We want to change the experience of being embarrassed when women buy condoms to something they feel proud about. You go into a store and buy organic food, and you feel great that you’re taking good care of yourself. It’s terrible that young women, and men, feel embarrassed about doing something that is critical to their health.

I didn't really realize that there was a stigma attached to buying sexual health problems, but okay...

So if you "Millennials" are looking for some sort of hypo-allergenic, "secure fit" rubber options, good news! They'll be out this spring.