Its no secret chicks aren’t as good of drivers as men, and it also turns out, chicks aren’t as good of drug smuggles are men. (and I mean, there’s probably a whole bunch of stuff chicks aren’t as good at, but were talking drug smuggling at the moment) I’m guessing these chicks weren’t hard core drug smuggler chicks, just a couple of horny cougars who wanted to get high on vacation.

A guy who works at the airport I was drinking with last weekend told me about this one. A couple of chicks, 44 year old Tracy Thomas and 53 year old Maryanne White, they were on their way to Bermuda for a little single lady horny cougar vacation, but Tracy kept setting off the metal detector at the airport. Security made her go threw three times, and each time she set it off, so then they scanned her with the metal detecting wand and her boobs set it off, she told them it was the metal under wire in her bar that set it off. But after further inspection, security found she had some stuff in her bra. Not a whole lot, just enough for 3 or 4 joints, only problem was she wrapped the green stuff in tin foil!!!!

That’s what was setting off the metal detector and got her busted! As soon as Maryanne saw Tracy getting busted, she came clean and pulled the green stuff wrapped in tin foil out of her bra too! Both chicks tried to explain that they were not drug smugglers, just horny single cougar chicks that thought it would be fun to smoke some dope while on vacation, but customs officials didn’t care, and arrested them both. I think its really risky man, but I do know people that have taken the greenery on airplanes with no problem at all. I’d never do that, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t wrap my two toke choke in metal tin foil!