What is there to say about Duke Nukem? He is the most bad ass hero of all time. In a world filled with super heroes who are emo, have problems, and fighting inner demons. Duke says "F___ that! Let's blow s___ up and have my way with more than one woman." Now, that's a super hero!

The demo was just released for all early pre-order people. Although it is short, it is satisfying and a nice teaser. As Duke, I was throwing around a turd on walls, taking down a huge boss, kicking his eyeball for a field goal, pleasuring 2 women, and so on. The control is fluent, and plays just like the old Duke Nukem games, so it only took a second to figure it out. There are some quick time games and a variety of weapons to chose from.

One thing that sucked was the health bar (aka EGO bar).It is insanely short, I found after a couple shots, I was dead very quickly. Maybe I couldn't find health or what, but I died like 15 times trying to take down an alien cruiser. Hopefully they fix that....

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