Former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan says he should have never gone on stage with the current incarnation of the band last year.  Now he feels responsible for all the reunion rumors about GNR's original lineup.

Fans have been eating up the news about a possible reunion ever since Velvet Revolver's McKagan joined Axl Rose and Co. on stage at London's O2 Arena last October.  While it's a decision he wish he could take back, the bassist is glad he was able to reconnect with Rose after finding out they were staying at the same hotel.

“I almost wish the getting on stage part hadn’t happened," McKagan told Rock News Desk.  "The most important part for me was the chance meeting.  Our hotel rooms were right next to each other.  It was meant to happen – we were meant to connect again.  It was a private matter, but I’m glad it happened.”

McKagan says the moment was a blur due to jetlag and lack of sleep.

“I was on so much energy drink that it was all sort of surreal by that point. It was like, ‘I should be in bed right now. I’ve got a meeting in the morning. What am I doing here?’

“Then all of a sudden there’s a bass in my hands.  ‘What, am I going to play?’ You Could Be Mine – I haven’t played that song since 1993.  S___, how does it go?’

“It was fun.  But the more important thing was, I had a sense it meant to happen to me.”

Since then, McKagan and the rest of the original Guns N' Roses lineup that formed Velvet Revolver have been dismissing reunion rumors, including a one-off show at next year's Super Bowl halftime show.  Although it didn't help that Slash said he would seriously consider it if Axl apologized.

Relive McKagan's brief return to GNR in the fan video below.  Are you still hoping for the band's original lineup to reform?

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