Did you hear about the Durango Colorado poop eater? It turns out the guy is actually a friend of a buddy of mines! Gross! The guy that tried to beat a cop’s breathalyzer test by eating his own fecal matter!

This one is just so disgusting its hard to believe someone could actually do this, but back in Feb, a Durango Colorado guy named Paul, who went to college with a friend of mine, was pulled over for DUI and cops gave him a roadside test and he didn’t do so well. But the cop didn’t have a breathalyzer unit with him, so he stuffed him in the back of the cop car and drove him to the station and when they got there, before they gave him the breathalyzer, he asked if he could use the bathroom. Cops told him he could, and here is where it gets really, really, really gross. When the guy was in the bathroom, he took a number 2, (or as I affectionately call it, a big lumpy chunky) and then stuffed it into his mouth!!!!

The guy thought if he had a mouth full of his own poop, he could beat the breathalyzer! Are you freakin kidding me! And when the cops noticed he had something in his mouth and asked what it was, he spit it out all over them! Yuk! This really happened! It was a guy my buddy went to college with! The guy ultimately blew a 0.14, almost double the legal limit, and along with the DUI, the guy also got charged with felony assault for spitting his poop at the cops. Man, is that not one of the grossest things you’ve ever heard!