Many of today's video games are way to easy. Most games just basically tell your where to go and hold your hand throughout the entire game. Sometimes this is cool and can allow you to enjoy the story of the game, but sometimes it takes away from what makes it a game. Nintendo then comes around the corner and says, "You wanna play hard? Here is DKC: Tropical Freeze."

There are some people out there that find this is be quite an easy game. However, for me, this game is one of the most challenging games I have played in awhile. It really reminds me of those old games where I would sit in front of the glow of the TV for hours just trying to make it through the levels.

In DKC: Tropical Freeze, it's your typical HD 2-D Platforming game. You play as Donkey Kong and sometime grab an assistant buddy like Diddy. In this game though, you get the choice of either Diddy, Dixie, or even Cranky Kong. This is the first game where Cranky plays a playable part in a Donkey Kong game, which is not bad, but I preferred him to be that old dude who yells at you from time to time. Diddy and Dixie are by far the most useful of the game.

Like the title says though, this game is VERY challenging. You will find yourself being defeated countless times on the same thing over and over again!

So if you are looking for some old fashioned challenge, DKC: Tropical Freeze is just for you! However, still not a concrete reason to buy a Nintendo WiiU.