You know, if you drive 142 mph on the freeway, you’ll probably get where your going three times as fast than if you were driving 55mph, that is if you don’t kill anyone or get a massive speeding ticket like this guy did. Another one from the bar stool. (I’m super fun to drink with and always end up in some pretty interesting conversations)

A 23 year old Canadian guy got pulled over for speeding, the cop clocked him at 142 mph! And I don’t care what anyone says, that’s fast as balls man! That’s almost Nascar fast! Here is the interesting part, I guess this happened kind of out in the middle of nowhere land Canada, and after the cop clocked him at 142mp, it took the cop 19 minutes to catch up to the guy and give him a ticket! The ticket he got by the way, was $2, 137 dollars! Hahaha!

And that’s just the speeding ticket He also got a $274 ticket for driving on worn out tires, .and a $1,267 dollar ticket because he had a passenger in the car and was putting that persons life at risk driving that fast! I’m surprised he wasn’t texting while driving that fast too. Freaking idiot! Oh yea, the guy was driving a 2003 Dodge Neon! Damn, who knew those cars could go that fast, 142mph! Wow.