Here's another cool interview I did at Rock On The Range over a week ago. Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren sat down with me to talk about his band's 4th number-one album, Asylum, the risks drummers take while performing and more.

While talking about the success of Asylum, Wengren praises Disturbed fans who know that a Disturbed record is meant to be heard from beginning to end.

"We always have focused on the songs," said the stickman. "I think our fans recognize that and they know when they go buy our record, it's going to be an album full of good songs, not just a couple of singles and some filler."

Wengren added: "It's just the loyalty of our fanbase and they know that we're going to deliver, so when the record comes out they go and get it."

As the drummer for one of the most successful metal bands in the world, Wengren has to get pretty intense while on tour. With the news of Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga suffering a minor stroke, which forced the band to cancel the rest of their tour including a Rock On The Range appearance, I asked Wengren if pushing himself too far is ever something he worries about.

"I never looked at it necessarily as being a health risk pushing yourselves onstage," he answered. "As I get older, I try to eat healthy, I go to the gym. I still love to have a great time and still love to party afterwards. You definitely have to take care of yourself."

"But mainly I want to deliver every night. I don't want to disappoint the fans. With Roy, I talked to him the other day. I'm glad he's doing better, it's a scary thing.

"I don't know if I could ever hold back," admits Wengren. "When I hear the riffs and the music starts and the fans are up there screaming and singing the lyrics, there's just something that takes over. It's real primal. If I was going to die, I'd rather die on stage."

Hopefully, that never happens. Check out the full interview below.

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