Disturbed frontman David Draiman has always fought neo-Nazi culture and defended his Jewish culture.  He even convinced a Disturbed fan to change his skinhead ways.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Times, Draiman recalled growing up as a rebel as the Jewish day schools he attended:

"In an environment where you’re not allowed to watch television, you can’t read magazines or go to the movies, you can’t fraternize with the opposite sex whatsoever, you have to wear the uniform every day of tzitzit, the button- down the shirts, the dress slacks, the shoes, you have to make sure you’re not even wearing a kippa sruga, it was just stifling.  So what did that end up turning into?  I’d set my friends up on dates with girls that I knew, in defiance of the school.  So I became the “pimp” of the school even though no such thing was happening.  Or I’d smoke a little bit of weed here and there, I‘d get my buddies high, so I was the drug dealer on campus even though that’s not what I was doing.  I just rebelled against the conformity – the gag reflex worked."

The heavy metal rocker also shared how he made a Disturbed fan denounce his neo-Nazi ideals during the band's early days:

One of the guys who would come to see us was a skinhead, he had a swastika tattoo, the whole nine yards.

After he became a die-hard fan, the band was sitting down having drinks after a show and he comes in and starts going on about niggers and Jews, and I interrupted him and said, 'Dude, I don’t know if you realize this but I’m Jewish.'

He responded, 'You’re Jewish! This completely changes my whole idea of what a Jew is supposed to be.'  And soon after that, he had his swastika removed, and denounced the skinhead culture.

Who knew that David Draiman was metal's version of Gandhi?

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