November 20th is going to be a brutal day, why? Well, The Intersection will make way as the Fate of Chaos Tour hits downtown Grand Rapids! In tow will be GWAR, Cancer Bats, Legacy of Disorder, and DEVIL DRIVER! Wouldn't you know? I got to catch up with Dez Fafara of DEVIL DRIVER!

I interviewed Oderus last week, and he said you guys have a history together, what are the details on that?

"Ah man, he is just a great dude, we know those guys really well. We have toured with GWAR about 6 years ago and it was definitely one of the funnest tours we have ever done.They love to grind like we do, they get on a 2 month run with a few days off and they like to grind. So last time was such a good time, and I know they go out this time every year and I called him and said 'Look what are you doing this year? We would like to go out!' and he said 'Yea, let's do it.' This tour is definitely killer."

Recently you guys switched record labels, what's the story about a new album?

"Right now I am hearing around late September (2013). The guys start recording in December and I start recording in January, and we leave in February with Cannibal Corpse overseas for a big co-headline run. So I have to be done by the end of January. So again, hopefully by the end of September next year, and we are looking for a totally bad ass tour wrapped around it."

Pretty recently you reunited with Coal Chamber for Soundwave 2012, are there any other plans for any other Coal Chamber stuff at all, or was it just specifically Soundwave?

"What we did is started talking over the last 6 years, they were coming around to Devil Driver shows and such. Actually, they hang with the Devil Driver guys more than I do cause I live outside of LA about 2 hours. We did that Australia run and it went just spectacular. After that we went down to South America, and we did that for about 9 days, and that went killer. So now we are starting to kick around and say, 'OK, do we want to hit the stage, do we want to do something.' Coal Chamber for me right now is like a really fine woman. I've gotta re-date her! She's back in my life, you know what I mean? I gotta see how she is. We gotta take our time and that's what we are doing, and I think that's the important thing is that we are doing it for the love of the music as well. There is a lot of people who never got to see Coal Chamber live or haven't seen us in a long time due to the break up. It's good to see those guys off hard drugs, you can see their eyes which are crystal clear and it makes me want to do music with them again."

"About a week ago, they sent me some new tunes and said, 'Hey would you ever think about doing a new record?' And they were absolutely killer! They were like moving forward with their sound, yet you could tell it was Coal Chamber but it wasn't because it was so linear. So who knows what could happen in the future man."

So there is potential of Coal Chamber in the future?

"Yea who knows, we are playin' it by ear if the demand is there. You know? I've got a lot going on right now so we will just have to see."

"With the new Devil Driver record and I just released a song for my sister's cancer fund named "Dark Meadowlark." You can actually donate to my sister's fund at and purchase the song which I did specifically for my sister Kerri. You can either donate $2.50 or even $2,000! She called me and told me what was going on and I just couldn't sit back, I had to do something cause insurance in America sucks, HMO's weren't covering everything. So I said I am gonna get off my ass, grab some friends and do this song. We have raised over $25,000 man! Go check out the song, go help somebody, get through probably the roughest thing they'll ever go through in their life."


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