Deftones made sure to up the angst and distortion at Lollapalooza on Saturday. The California metal rockers held the PlayStation stage hostage for an intense hour long set.

Despite all the headbanging and screaming, Deftones singer Chino Moreno had a smile on his face between songs. Moreno definitely had an ample amount of energy, jumping off anything he could find. The frontman frequently went and embraced the crowd, balancing himself on nothing more than a barricade beam. He even let crowd members sing some songs.

I felt bad for the mic Chino was using, as the vocalist kept whipping it around and beating it on his chest, eventually breaking the damn thing when he repeatedly smashed it onto the stage. Luckily the band keeps a spare.

My one gripe was that some of the distortion and feedback were too overbearing at certain points of their show. At one point, Chino was being drowned out in the beginning of "Sex Tape", my favorite song from Deftones' 2010 album Diamond Eyes. You can watch the performance below before it gets pulled.

Overall it was a solid performance and I can't wait for the group's next album, which they will reportedly work on after the rest of their summer shows this year.


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