Deftones are hoping to release a new album in early 2012. The band will start working on the disc once they have fulfilled their summer festival commitments.

Speaking to Billboard (via NME), singer Chino Moreno said that Deftones will have a month off during the summer to hash out ideas.

"We're going to have a month off, but in that month we're talking about going in and starting to write again, maybe even two or three weeks in a rehearsal spot just recording ideas and keeping it going," Moreno said. "The process will resume in September, so if all goes well hopefully we'll have some product for early next year."

The new record will be the follow-up to 2010's excellent Diamond Eyes, and the second without bassist Chi Cheng, who fell into a coma after a car crash in 2008.

"We're hoping that he's gonna be back on his feet sooner than later, but who knows," Moreno notes. "It's just going to take time, and all we can do is be patient and just hope for the best."

Sergio Vega has filled in for bass duties on Diamond Eyes and will continue the job on the next album.

"Sergio is great," Moreno says. "He's a great dude and he's doing a great job and we're just rolling with where we're at right now, and we'll see what happens."

Deftones will wrap up their current tour June 13 in San Francisco and will perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago before heading overseas.

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