Deftones have a special treat for those that come out to shop on Record Store Day.  The metal band will release a vinyl covers album to celebrate the occasion.

The collection, appropriately called Covers, will contain 11 tracks, most which have been included as B-sides and bonus tracks on Deftones' previous albums.  Artists who are covered include The Cure, The Smiths, Duran Duran, and Sade.  Duran Duran and Sade?  Those are a couple of picks I did not expect.

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 16, and puts the focus on independent record stores for music lovers.  Sadly, many shops across America have gone through hard times, just like the music industry itself, and are shutting down.  One of my favorite stores in the Detroit area, Record Time, recently closed its doors.  While I am no music snob like Jack Black in High Fidelity, it's still a bummer to see this happening.

Going back to Deftones and their covers, I remember watching MTV Icons: The Cure and they performed their own version of The Cure's "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep".  It sounded pretty damn good.  You can watch the performance below.

Are you shopping on Record Store Day?  Tell us what you plan on buying in the comment section.

Deftones - Covers Tracklisting

Side A:
'Drive' (The Cars)
'Caress' (Drive Like Jehu)
'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want' (The Smiths)
'No Ordinary Love' (Sade)
'Savory' (Jawbox)
'Do You Believe' (The Cardigans)

Side B:
'Simple Man' (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
'Ghosts' (Japan)
'The Chauffeur' (Duran Duran)
'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep' (The Cure)
'Sleep Walk' (Santo & Johnny)

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