Dead Island hit stores this past week for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and I will tell you. I had a lot of trouble finding this one, but when I finally got my hands on this $60 game, was it worth the cash I spent?

It is a great game, but has a couple of flaws.

The game takes place on a vacation island and you get to chose a character. Each one of them has a specific set of skills. Either be it firearms, high stamina, etc. After your selection, you perform task quest for survivors, as you have a special immunity to the zombie virus.

There is TONS to do in this game. From upgrading weapons, creating weapons, side quests, etc, you will be stuck in this game forever! Which is a good thing.

One bad thing though, is the single player is insanely difficult. This game needs to be played with friends on the online co-op.

If I was to sum this game up, I would combine Borderlands and Fallout together, throw in Left 4 Dead and you get: Dead Island!

Its a fun game, but overall better with friends. Check it out!