If they do, they would only be the 4th NHL team ever to come back after being down 3-0. Now before you cream your pants, realize there are still 2 more rounds to go.  In the meantime lets see how the other 3 NHL teams fared when down 3-zip.

1942:  Toronto comes back from 3-0 in the finals and wins the Stanley Cup.

1975:  Islanders come back from a 3-0 deficit then lose in the next round.

2010: Flyers come back from a 3-0 deficit only to lose in the Stanley Cup finals.

Well that didn't help much.  Pretty much every scenario that could be played out was.  Pick the one you feel bests fits our Wings and let us know. For the record, here a Game 7 history of our Red Wings since 1990.

Now, get your beer, get your grub, get your Wings gear on cause it's game 7 time.  GO WINGS!