One of the bands I go the chance to learn about at Rock on the Range 2014 is Crobot.  Don't ask about where the name comes's a story about Crowbars and Robots, and I think a robot girlfriend in the garage...weird story.  Probably best left unanswered.

These guys hit the Jagermeister stage on the second day of Rock on the Range and not only surprised all the people in the crowd with how good they are, but got some serious metalheads wearing Slayer shirts moving and enjoying the show!  That's saying something.

Before you ask, no, it's not Russell Brand singing for the band, but his name IS Brandon.  Coming together from Pennsylvania, Tennessee and New Jersey, these guys have put together a great band, and really hit the stage with a lot of energy, and a really cool sound. Their performance includes cool mic stand moves, guitars swinging around their bodies, harmonica and more!

Check out a couple songs from their set at Rock on the Range!  Enjoy!

"Nowhere to Hide"

"Legend of the Spaceborn Killer"

"Nowhere to Hide" Official Music Video