When it comes to dealing with the ladies there are clearly defined do's and do nots. First and foremost you always want to be a gentleman. How exactly you define the term gentleman is up to you. One thing that a gentleman would do is help a lady up after she fell and scraped her knee. And something a gentleman would NOT do is lick her wound and then lick her face several times against her will. Well, one man has managed to gain and lose gentleman status in one foul swoop.

In the beautiful town of Chandler, Arizona a woman took a mighty spill in a parking lot of an Intel Corporation Plant. Luckily three gentleman were there to help the woman up. She had scraped her knee and was very thankful for the good Samaritans who happened to be there for her in her time of need. Two of the men left after helping her up... but one wanted to go that extra mile as a helper. Martin Canales Soto walked the woman with the ouchy knee back to her car.

He asked her to get a glimpse of the injury. She obliged. Then things got weird. The man licked the wounded knee and then proceeded to go all Hannibal Lectur and lick her face several times. She wasn't into it and managed to push Soto off of her and close the car door. The victim called police and quickly identified Soto, who has been arrested on assault charges. Ironically, the prison community will probably put his licking nature to good use at the end of a cold shank fashioned from a toothbrush.

[Via: KPHO]