This is another creepy one! Did you hear about this yet? I didn’t hear anything about it until it came up in conversation at one of the bars I was drinking at last week. (Yes, I tend to spent quite a bit of time in bars. Maybe too much) A guy I was drinking with told me about a 40 year old Arizona guy who was arrested for posing as a doctor, and performing physicals and stealing sperm samples from guys!

I guess this guys name was Jeffrey Graybill, and he posted an ad on craigslist offering guys thousands of dollars for their sperm samples, He said it was one of those research project type deals and that’s what he needed the sperm for. So the fake creepy gay doctor guy would show up at dudes houses, show them a fake contract promising them they would receive between $2 and $3K dollars for their sperm samples, but first he would need to perform a physical on them, and then he would have to ‘manually extract’ the semen sample, you following me?

Yes, he himself, the fake creepy gay doctor would have to manually extract the sample! Gross! Yea, he was basically showing up and tricking dudes into letting him molest them and extract semen samples, with the promise of getting paid. Which of course none of the guys ever did get paid, they just got tossed off by a creepy gay fake doctor! Cops say he did this to 7 different guys in Arizona last year, and 4 different guys in California the year before.

He’s current in an Arizona jail charged with fraud, identity theft, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and being an all around creepy gay fake doctor guy! I don’t know about you, but I’ll tell ya this, some creepy dude shows up at my door offering to give me $2k if he can give me an HJ and steal my semen, and NO WAY in hell that’s happening!